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Available Workshops

Blogging Workshops

The Perfect Blog
The Perfect Blog helps newbies get started and existing bloggers up their game. FreshVoice’s coach Megan Evans kicks off by sharing tips on best practices for setting up your blog. Then, senior content coach and publisher Suzanne Paschall works participants through the steps of FreshVoice’s exclusive Perfect Blog Checklist (which participants take away with them as well). The morning finishes with Megan in the clean-up spot giving great best practices tips and curated template options for editorial calendar scheduling – get the most out of your posts!

  • Maximum participants: 20
  • Timeframe: 3 hours
  • Investment: $100+GST   ($80 for FreshVoice clients)

Blog Your Book

In Blog Your Book, Indie Ink/FreshVoice founder, blogger and published author Suzanne Paschall shares the FreshVoice formula for building a blog into a non-fiction book manuscript ready for production. Using a blog to write your first draft helps build audience interest and grow your social media platform. It also makes you accountable, and puts you on a work schedule that requires frequent publication, offering the opportunity to market test your concepts before you and/or a publisher make that big investment in putting your title into the marketplace. You can even crowdsource original content for your book while you’re blogging – a symbiotic process Suzanne calls organic content growth.

  • Maximum participants: 20
  • Timeframe: 3 hours
  • Investment: $100+GST   ($80 for FreshVoice clients)
Workshops Multi Pack - Double Whammy!

Purchase both workshops at the same time and save $50!

  • Timeframe: 6 hours
  • Investment: $150+GST    ($120 for FreshVoice clients)

The Crowdfunding Series

Crowdfunding 101

When you leave the workshop you’ll know:
* what to do for the 2-3 months before your campaign;
* why hosting a launch event is a must;
* how to build a rewards list/pricing matrix;
* how to develop a budget & and set the campaign goal;
* how to use social media;
* how to engage your core.

  • Timeframe: 3 hours

Stay tuned for the next dates!

Telling (& Selling!) Your Story

In this get-real half-day, you’ll become personally acquainted with your passion and project, putting it into words and then into video content suited for a perfect pitch to potential contributors. Crowdfunding cheerleader Suzanne Paschall teams up with video storytelling goddess One Story Katrina German to help you identify your unique story, and sell it in three minutes or less on camera. Every participant will come away with a finished, edited three-minute video courtesy of the spectacular One Story app, so that you can be all over the internet with your personalized, professional video as you promote your campaign.

  • Timeframe: 3 hours

Stay tuned for the next dates!

Plan to Succeed

It’s not necessarily the most fun part of crowdfunding, but ensuring your campaign’s success depends a lot on preparing a great plan well in advance. Putting cash in the bank at the end of the campaign…adding names to that e-mail list…building that marketing buzz for your new product, service, project or company? That’s DEFINITELY fun! You’ll define your project, develop your campaign budget, complete a rewards matrix and ultimately determine your campaign goals (financial and otherwise). Nerdy Excel spreadsheets included. Bring your own pocket protector!

  • Timeframe: 3 hours

Stay tuned for the next dates!

Engaging Your Core

Stats show that if your campaign is going to make its goal, you have to get 30% of your funding from your core (friends, family, close-in networks), and do it EARLY in your campaign. In this workshop, we’ll show you some key steps in that process. You’ll be inspired by other successful campaigns’ creative strategies, and then roll up your sleeves and design your workout program. You’ll identify your core, and define a great launch and execution event strategy that will include kick off your campaign sales and send your tribe away ready to work for you throughout your campaign. See how you can develop a program that will get results in 45 days or less by engaging your core, early and often!

  • Timeframe: 3 hours

Stay tuned for the next dates!

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