There are so many ways you can help the Gnomes help Noreen!

  1. SHARING. Sharing is free, but SO very valuable to us! Help us get the word out. Share the main campaign and/or any of the sub-campaigns by visiting  and clicking on the sharing links beneath the video.

  2. VOLUNTEERING. Also free, and so valuable! Right now, we’re seeking the following volunteers:

WORKER GNOME. Do you have a skill in yardwork, or a strong back and pair of arms? That plus being close to Regina Beach and having a bit of time would make you the perfect choice for helping move plants, shovel mud and many other tasks!

Timeframe: Now and again in the Spring; however many hours you can spare in a day.

SOCIAL MEDIA GNOME. We need someone who knows social media to moderate and respond to comments on the Fundrazr campaign site and Facebook page; to issue a few posts a week, and to handle any FB ad campaigns we decide to run. If you’re nimble online, we need YOU! If there’s two of you who want to job-share, that’s fine too!

Timeframe: 1-2 hours per week, from now until campaign’s end in Spring, 2018.

ARTIST GNOME. We need one person to organize information and photos for a new sub-campaign called Artist ShareWares. We have many artists in all genres who want to donate works of art or services, like house concerts, or book collections, to be sold on this sub-campaign. This person will need to send email to a list (already developed) and ask people to fill out the donation form (also provided), and collect photos of their wares. This information will go to the campaign coordinator for development onto the site. After that, it’s your job to manage comments and questions on that page until that campaign closes.

Timeframe: Up front maybe 5 hours to coordinate artists and items; after that minimal weekly check-in to handle comments/questions on page. Until campaign closes, TBD.

  1. ATTENDING. Buy tickets to one of the upcoming concerts to raise funds. All artists are donating the ticket sales to Save Noreen’s Home. We’ve had one concert already, and another is on the way for mid-October – announcement to be made shortly.

  2. CONTRIBUTING. Either by cash contribution, or by purchasing goods or services in any of the sub-campaign, you can help dramatically by providing money to purchase goods and services to rebuild Noreen’s home. Any amount is so valuable and so much appreciated!