Book Cover Design: All Designers Are Not Created Equal

We can’t help it. We look at the outer packaging and assess a number of things – is it a quality product? Does the information tell us what we need to know about what’s inside? How do we feel when we look at it? Does its outer packaging make us want to see what’s under the wrapping?

In the case of book covers, this is even more true. We know from numerous book buying surveys that a book’s cover design is an important influencer in purchasing decisions. Continue reading

Literary Lighthouse: Crafting Effective Book Titles (& Sub-Titles)

One question I get often is  “How do I make sure I craft the best title for my non-fiction book?” It’s a great question and shows that an author is clued in to how important is their book’s title (and sub-title!). Why is it so important? I think there are a few reasons, and maybe others have other ideas. (If so, please comment!) Here are a few of the most important: Continue reading

10 Books That Were Better Than Their Movies, & One That Wasn’t

It’s hard to compare movies and books. They’re both telling stories, but one has to harness the power of descriptive language, while the other also equips visuals, music, actors, and special effects. Somehow books often prevail, either with rich story, or because the movie just couldn’t hack it.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 books that outshone their movie counterparts and one that didn’t.


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